The calendar for freelancers who want to know more.

Slate helps freelancers plan their schedule and check the health of their business. Stop guessing if you're going to earn enough money or if you've become too reliant on a client. Slate can tell you in seconds.

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Simple planning for your freelance business.

Made for freelancers

Most calendars are designed for teams. Slate is designed for freelancers who want a simple way to plan their schedule.

Real-time healthcheck

When you add work to your Slate calendar we automatically calculate useful insights about the financial health of your business.

Client analytics

Slate helps you quickly see when you're next working for a client and how much money you've earned with them.

Spot early warning signs

Ever wondered if you're too reliant on a client for work? Slate helps you identify when you need to diversify your client base.

Set financial targets

Slate helps you see how many more days you need to work to reach your financial goal for the month and year.

Time off without the worrry

Slate shows you how many days you've worked this year so you know when to take that well earned holiday!

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