Google Calendar Alternative

We love Google products; we use them for our emails! But we think there's a better way for freelancers to get organised and plan their schedule.

Have you ever wondered if a client project you're working on is going to be profitable for you? Ever wondered if you're going to earn enough money this month? Worried you're overbooking yourself? Unsure when you can start a new project? Unsure if you're too reliant on a client for your revenue?

These are questions freelancers have from time-to-time but they're hard to answer just by looking at your calendar. Calendars are great at showing where your time has gone, but wouldn't it be less stressful if you knew more?

Why Slate is a great alternative to Google Calendar.

Gives you actionable data. We highlight important things about your schedule and clients so you can be smarter with your time and estimates.

Helps you prevent overbooking. If we think you're going to overbook yourself we'll let you know so you can decide if the project needs to be pushed back.

Helps you work smarter. We'll tell you how many more days you need to work and when you can afford to take a well earned holiday.

Helps you identify bad clients. We'll tell you which clients are taking up most of your time and paying you the least.

If you're happy with the way you're doing things with Google Calendar that's awesome; we're happy for you! Slate probably isn't for you.

If you're not happy with how organised you are, and want a better way to plan your time and see what that means for your business financially, we think Slate would be a good fit. Give it a try for 14 days and see for yourself 👊

We ask for a card to start your trial but you can cancel any time.

Simple planning for freelancers.