We've been busy.

02 May 2020


  • Improved clients loading time
  • Improved formatting for work in your schedule
  • Improved display of time spent on a client or project
  • Fixed issue with notes not saving
  • Improved filtering for clients and projects
  • Added projects to client page

24 Apr 2020

New: Projects

Since launching Slate the number one thing people have asked us for is a way to track their schedule with projects, so we're thrilled to say that we've finally added this to Slate.

You can create a new project at any time when adding work to your schedule, or by visiting the project page and pressing N. Here's a quick glimpse of projects in action.

Other Improvements

  • Significant stability and performance improvements
  • Clients can now be completely deleted
  • Day slots on the schedule now show how many hours you have free
06 Apr 2020

New: Booking UI & Dashboard

We've completely redesigned how you add work to your schedule so it's not only faster, but also gives us a platform to release our next big update; projects (coming soon).

The dashboard has been updated to now focus on the overall health of your business. Reminders are still located here, but we've added two new blocks.


We now forecast a range of potential estimates for the year based on the work you've added to your schedule so far. This helps you see if you're on track to meet your targets.


A quick summary of how productive you have been for each month in the year.

20 Mar 2020

Moving out of early access

This week we finally moved out of early access and launched publicly. If you haven't joined Slate yet, sign up to start a 30-day free trial.