Work to live, not live to work.

You became a freelance to get a better work life balance. To help you do this you need a financial goal, and a way to track your progress. Slate was built exactly for this, without the need for complex spreadsheets and calendars.

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A peak into the future.

Slate predicts how much you're on track to earn by the end of year, giving you the knowledge to decide what to spend your time on for the rest of the year, whether that's client work or side projects.

A peak into the future.

Time off without the worry.

Slate gives you a real-time view of how much you've worked, and how much more you need to work to meet your financial target. Knowing if you can afford to book time off has never been easier.

Monthly revenue targets.

Some months you'll earn more than others, that's just how freelancing is. Slate makes it easy to see what you need to earn in the future so you don't miss your financial target for the year.

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