Raise invoices in any currency.

Getting paid as a freelancer can be frustrating, especially if you forget to invoice your clients in a timely manner. Slate makes it easy to keep track of the work you have invoiced, and the work you still need to invoice.

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A simple reminder system.

Forgetting what work you've invoiced can be costly, especially if you're using separate apps for your schedule and your invoicing. With Slate you don't need to guess, we keep track of the work you add to your schedule and make sure you never forget to invoice it.

Beautiful PDF for every invoice.

We create a beautiful PDF for every invoice you raise which you can send to your clients directly from Slate, or download to email it to them yourself.

Multi currency support built-in.

Slate makes it simple to create invoices in different currencies, so if you've got a client based in the UK and one in the US we'll automatically generate invoices for their local currency.

Send to your clients inbox.

Whenever you generate an invoice, Slate gives you the option of sending it directly to your clients inbox or downloading a PDF that you can send yourself.

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