Say goodbye to your calendar.

Planning is key to being sucessful freelancer, and it all starts with your schedule. Slate makes it easy for you to block out time on client work, see when you're next free, and alert you if you're going to overbook yourself.

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A calendar for freelancers.

Check your schedule in a simple chronological list that can be scrolled infinitely, forwards and back. Move things around by dragging work from day to day, or add new work with a simple click.

Block out time super fast.

Click one (or more) days to add work to your schedule. If the work is for a project you can create one at the same time, or add it to an existing project.

Weekly summaries.

Get an email at the end of every week reminding you what you've worked on and how much you earnt, and an email at the beginning of every week remdining you of what's coming up.

Early warning system.

Being dependent on one client can be devastating if they suddently stop working with you. Slate warns you if you're becoming too reliant on one client so you can start looking for others to work with.

Early warning system.

Autofill your schedule.

If you have a project that's going to take multiple days, Slate will scan your schedule for days you're free and book them out so you don't overbook yourself.

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